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Wing Smoking Process

July 8, 2021

T holding smoked wings
T takes you on a journey to wing town as she takes you through the process of how we smoke our wings here at BG!

The Four Things the Golf Ball Knows

March 10, 2021

T holding smoked wings
Goal setting is a useful and often used tool in our golf game development. A common first goal may be to break 100. When that is accomplished, we will want to break 90, then 80, then even maybe 70. That set goal will be a moving goal post. But in order to reach this main goal, we will likely work on a subset of goals. These constant subsets are what we call the four things the golf ball knows.

Health Benefits of Golf

January 13, 2021

T holding smoked wings
Throughout our lives, exercise, both physical and mental, is essential for maintaining our health. Golf provides a variety of health benefits, contributing to both of these aspects.

Old Fashioned

T holding smoked wings
A video demonstration on how we make our Old Fashioned drinks "BG style."

Top Golf vs Beyond Golf: A mildly biased comparison of two entertainment golf companies

September 30, 2020

T holding smoked wings
Upon walking up to TopGolf, you definitely get the “I’m so small and this place is huge” kind of vibe. With approximately 60 hitting bays across two levels TopGolf has the ability to accommodate nearly any event size.And this is even their smallest venue compared to their typical three levels and over 90 bays. We won’t even mention how big the grandioso Las Vegas location is. Okay, it’s five stories with swimming pools and all kinds of other attractions.

Indoor golf in the eyes of a PGA professional

August 26, 2020

T holding smoked wings
My name is Shane and I have been going to Beyond Golf pretty regularly for the last ten years. I really enjoy playing and practicing on their Golfzon simulators. Josh from Beyond Golf asked me to share the reasons why I enjoy Golfzon simulator golf. I had a list of about 50 things but was able to boil it down to these three main points and why.

Simulator Technology

June 26, 2020

T holding smoked wings
I often hear from golfers (including myself) that golf simulators just aren’t realistic enough to give you that same experience of an outdoor course. We might not be completely there yet, but the technology of these simulators has significantly improved over the years. We are getting to a point where the indoor experience can actually reflect that “feel” of the course.

How to Get Your Daughter Involved in Golf

July 22, 2020

T holding smoked wings
Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in the number of women golfers. However, parents still struggle to get their daughters involved in golf. According to the NGF (National Golf Foundation,) only 23% of on-course players are women. But women have played golf from the beginning, so why are the numbers of male to female players so disproportional? Well, much of this is due to the culture around golf and the struggle to get them involved or just the assumption that women are not interested in golf, but I can tell you that there are ways to excite your daughter into playing! Here are some tips on how to get your daughter involved in golf: