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Join our exclusive Beyond Golf insider and rewards program allowing you to have VIP access to special offers and other exclusive member perks. After going Beyond the Ropes, you will be the first to get the inside scoop for everything Beyond Golf and earn points every time you visit. You'll even get a Beyond the Ropes exclusive drink tracker reward program, where you get your 10th drink free!

Specials/Discounts on food and golf

Pre-tap releases

Member-only events

First look at upcoming public events

And lots more!

Earn points with every visit and collect all these great prizes:

250 points:


500 points:


750 points:


1000 points:


1250 points:

Free Mini-Growler

1500 points:

Swing Analysis

2500 points:

Twosome Special

5000 points:

Black Tee Package

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