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Simulator Technology

Sydney Irlbeck

June 26, 2020

Golfzon Simulator Technology

I often hear from golfers (including myself) that golf simulators just aren’t realistic enough to give you that same experience of an outdoor course. We might not be completely there yet, but the technology of these simulators has significantly improved over the years. We are getting to a point where the indoor experience can actually reflect that “feel” of the course.

What exactly contributes to the “feel” of a real course? Well, there are a number of factors. One major factor is the natural lie of the ball. While playing an outdoor course, you encounter different lies whether it be on a hill or if your ball is buried in some sand or the rough. This is something that is difficult to replicate with a simulator where you’re hitting off a mat. Players are also skeptical of the accuracy of simulators, believing that there is no way to replicate the real “feel” of a course. The good news is that simulators are introducing features to combat these problems. 

At Beyond Golf, our Golfzon simulators have some of the most advanced simulator technology available, giving golfers of any skill level a better, more realistic, indoor experience. Here is a rundown of the Golfzon technology:

The tech: T1 Sensor in high-speed cameras

The experience: Accurate tracking of the club, impact and ball movement. This allows the simulators to identify the type of shot including draws, fades, and lob shots.

The tech: Moving Swing Plate

The experience: The mat automatically adjusts depending on your lie, giving you a sense of realism. It recognizes uphill, downhill, and sidehill lies throughout the entire course, including the putting green.

The tech: Multi-surface Hitting Mats

The experience: Sure, we prefer to stay out of the sand and rough, but it’s part of the game. The different hitting mats allow you to get a more natural lie anywhere from the fairway to the unfortunate bunker shots. The simulator knows where the ball is, so there’s no cheating!

The tech: Smart AutoTee-up

The experience: A simple feature but possibly my favorite. No need to bend over to tee up. Just plan your shot, and the ball will be ready when you are.


All of this technology improves the player’s experience that is now able to compete with a real course. The accurate tracking and variety of lies replicated by simulators create that more authentic indoor experience.And, of course, no need to worry about the weather conditions. At Beyond Golf, it’s always 72 degrees with zero chance of rain. Book a tee time here.