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Indoor golf in the eyes of a PGA professional

Shane McClure

August 26, 2020

My name is Shane and I have been going to Beyond Golf pretty regularly for the last ten years. I really enjoy playing and practicing on their Golfzon simulators. Josh from Beyond Golf asked me to share the reasons why I enjoy Golfzon simulator golf. I had a list of about 50 things but was able to boil it down to these three main points and why:


1. Pace of Play

There is never a group in front of you. You never have to waste time searching for golf balls. You can possibly play 18 holes under an hour if you want. Conversely, there is never a group behind you pushing. Great for new players who may not be concerned with getting as many holes in their allotted time and don’t need the added pressure from the groups behind.


2. Comfort

Look, the bar’s right there, the bathroom is right around the corner and the weather is always perfect! You don’t even have to tee your ball up!!  Yes, Golfzon actually does it fory ou. Those who know me well know I don’t do well in the heat. BeyondGolf gives me a great way to enjoy the game I love in comfort. In addition, no golf during rain outs is a thing of the past. Didn’t get enough golf during the day? No problem, night putting is encouraged here!  And what about our lovely Nebraska winters?? Beyond Golf is a great way to keep your game intact until Spring. Book your tee time early though! 


3. Shot Data

As a PGA Professional and all around tech junky, I enjoy the feedback. Face angle, club path and face impact data that the Golzon unit immediately gives me helps to determine what I’m doing right and wrong. Golfzon also provides video swing replay. Instant visual feedback to see why you hit the shot you did. Just remember, TV adds a couple hundred pounds.


There is no way I am saying that simulator golf could ever replace the real thing. In fact, quite the opposite. From what I have seen, they compliment each other. Sim golf introduces new people to the game who will likely play outdoors too. It also gives the golf enthusiast an avenue to improve their game and likely continue to play. For me it’s exciting to see different ways people can be introduced and enjoy this crazy game we call golf.


Shane McClure,
PGA Professional